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The Amelia Thompson

On 3 August 1833 the Newcastle Journal was the first to announce that on Thursday 1 August,

a fine ship, burthen 477 tons,1 named the Amelia Thompson, after the lady and daughter of Mr. Alderman
Thompson, was launched from the building-yard of Philip Laing, Esq., at Deptford.
She was, “One of the largest vessels ever built on the Wear,” 2 timbers English and African oak, copper sheathed and nailed.

The Westmorland Gazette expanded, 

SHIP LAUNCH…. Several thousands of spectators assembled to witness the scene. A number of colours
were hoisted at the mast-heads of the ships in the harbour, and on the most conspicuous places near the
building-yard. A band of music attended, which played several enlivening airs. The preparations being
completed, at high water, about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the vessel was launched, amidst the acclamations of the company on board and the spectators on shore, to whom the scene throughout was most interesting. The beauty and symmetry of the vessel reflect the highest credit on the builder. Immediately after the launch, the friends of Mr. Alderman Thompson were invited to the green in front of Mr. Laing’s house, where tables and seats were arranged, and an abundant supply of wine, punch, fruit-cake, &c. &c. provided.

The Amelia Thompson
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